September - January

Future City Competition

Are you ready to make the world a better place? Where you inspired by the Black Panther technologically advanced city of Wakanda? Where will we live in the future? Participants will imagine, research, design, and build cities of the future that showcase their solution to a citywide sustainability challenge.  Each team of 3-4 children will be given a real-world problem to solve as they design their city of the future.  Using SIMCity Software, the students will research and build a prototype to showcase at the Community Expo at the end of the week.  A field trip to the Building Museum is planned.

October - December

FIRST LEGO LEAGUE: Our annual participation in the First Lego League Tournament kicks off with this year's theme: Hydrodynamics.  Students will learn all about how we use, transport and dispose of water in order to create a solution to a real-world problem.  Students will apply their knowledge as they build and program an autonomous robot to navigate the mission table and achieve up to 12 missions.   Critical thinking, problem solving and teamwork are essential to their success.


January / February


The mission of the Maryland Engineering Challenges is to introduce students in grades 1 to 12 to the role of engineers in today’s society and connect what students learn in school with real-world engineering concepts.

Participating in the Challenges helps students develop comprehension, problem-solving, and comprehension skills; encourages teamwork and self-confidence; and can promote meaningful mentor relationships with engineering professionals.

In addition to developing students’ STEM skills (science, technology, engineering, and math), each Challenge also integrates reading, writing, and public speaking with hands-on, project-based learning.


STOCK MARKET GAME: Starting with a virtual cash account of $100,000, students strive to create the best-performing portfolio using a live trading simulation. They work together in teams, practicing leadership, organization, negotiation, and cooperation as they compete for the top spot in the Stock Market Game. Build a portfolio based on research and stock evaluation. 




Whether going over a river, railroad or highway, bridges serve as useful structures to get from here to there. However, it takes a lot of planning and designing to make the best bridge for a specific location. Although bridge designs may vary around the world, all bridge engineers have to consider the materials needed for their plan, how the bridge will be used, and how the local climate will affect their idea. What will be the best material to construct our prototype: wood, paper, or plastic straws?

A Bridges Webquest Journey

PBS Building BIG

 What Makes Bridges So Strong?

China's Engineering Feat!

Pasta Bridge

Cargo Bridge Challenge


MAKER MANIA: Do you like to explore, create, build and make things out of recyclables and resource materials? Campers will think outside the box and go from tinkering to tackling problems, designing solutions, constructing prototypes and presenting innovative ideas to a series of challenges -- all while having fun! 

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