Throwback Summer Trek 2019

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* Themes are the same but content is enriched with new projects, challenges, and experiences.

Crime Scene Investigation (CSI)

June 17, 2019

A crime has been committed, and you are the detective! Follow the clues and learn some of the techniques that real forensic scientists use to solve cases, including fingerprinting, DNA collection, and chromatography. Students will also practice casting and molding shoe impressions, developing and lifting fingerprints, collecting and documenting evidence, and maintaining the chain of custody of evidence. Campers will learn how our DNA tells a unique story and create a model strand. 

Escape Room Field Trip is planned.

Robots in Space

June 24, 2019

Are robots our future? Can you make your robot drive, talk and dance? Robots can be fun, exciting and solve problems.  Campers will learn the fundamentals of robot design and build including the use of simple machines and basic computer programming to perform daily challenge tasks. Will it be a Mars rover, a robotic arm or a wall climbing gecko?  The answer lies in the creative imagination of our campers.


Field Trips to NASA Goddard Visitors Center and to the Air and Space Museum are planned.

PSAT 8/9 Boot Camp

July 01, 2019

Prince Georges County Public Schools has adopted the PSAT 8/9 as the entrance exam for specialty high schools. All Eighth Grade students in public school will take the test the first week in December. The PSAT 8/9 establishes a baseline measurement of your college and career readiness as you enter high school. It also gives you a chance to preview the SAT, PSAT/NMSQT, and PSAT 10 and connect to AP courses. The sessions will begin with a preliminary assessment, modeling, practice and skills review. Students will be given individual study plans and are expected to complete the work independently prior to each session. You MUST commit to attending ALL sessions. NO REFUNDS for missed sessions. Limited to 10 students. 

Code Commanders

July 08, 2019

Don’t just play video games—create your own! Campers will the learn fundamentals of computer programming to create their own stories, games and character animations using the new version of Scratch. Participants will learn about variables, loops, statements, functions, threads, objects, debugging and more.  Campers will go beyond just learning basic programming concepts. Teams of students will think creatively, solve problems and reason systematically — all while having fun.  The camp will culminate with a showcase for parents and friends.


Students will be grouped and projects assigned based on experience.



Field Trip to the Main Event in Columbia, MD is planned.

Maker Madness

July 15, 2019

Start a dance revolution of your own making, complete with a banana piano.  Recreate the classic game, Operation with LED lights and buzzers.  Make an interactive instrument for your own one man band, with wires and cardboard.  Play a game controller made with out of aluminium foil.  Turn everyday objects into touchpads and combine them with the a mini-computer, circuits, LEDs and recycled material. This camp will encourage students to design, experiment, invent, and build several hands-on projects. Advanced users will learn to program their devices using Scratch.


An "Inspiration" field trip to Amped Upin Middle River, MD is planned.

Amusement Park Physics

July 22, 2019

Ever wonder how they design and build those crazy roller-coasters and other amusement park rides? Explore the physics behind the fun. Experiment with design, construction and testing for length, speed and loops as you learn about friction, gravity, momentum, velocity, and other effects of force and motion as they relate to theme park rides. Throughout the week, participants will use Legos, recycled materials, foam, K’Nex and more to create a working roller coaster of the future.  Participants will design and develop a model ride for a theme park. The ride will carry at least four persons at a time and will be constructed around the theme of a favorite storybook.

*Field Trip to Six Flags is planned. Field Trip fee of $50 will be collected the week of camp for any non-season pass holders.

Future City - Green City

August 05, 2019

Are you ready to make the world a better place?  Where will we live in the future? Participants will imagine, research, design, and build cities of the future that showcase their solution to a sustainability challenge.  Each team of 3-4 children will be given a real-world problem to solve as they design their city of the future. Will it be on Earth or Beyond? Using SIMCity Software, the students will research and build a prototype to showcase at the Parent Expo at the end of the week. 


A field trip to the Building Museum is planned.

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