SumoBot Challenge

Are You Ready to Rumble!! 

If you think one robot is interesting, wait until you see two of them battling for control, Sumo-style. The SumoBot Robot Competition..Sumo Bots are a modern twist on the ancient Japanese sport of Sumo Wrestling. Sumo Robotics is a fun game played between two opposing autonomous robots. Just like in the real Sumo matches in Japan, the goal is simple—push the other robot out of the ring before they do the same to you.

Teams of 2-4 students will create a robot, using the MindStorm kits provided and any other LEGO pieces, prior to the day of the tournament. On the day of competition teams will compete in one on one challenges and advance through a tournament bracket to the final rounds.

You will learn to program the SumoBot Master, using sensors to locate and defeat your opponents right out of the ring while detecting the edge of the ring should an escape move be necessary. If this sounds interesting, and you are looking for a fun Spring Break, register today. 


Space is limited.


Must be able to follow directions and work well with others in teams.


Day 1 - MiniBot Assembly and Introduction to Programming

Day 2  - BattleBot Build and Programming

Day 3 - Advanced Programming with Bluetooth

Day 4 - BattleBot Competition

Day 5 - Field Trip to USA Science and Engineering Festival