What We Do

Engineering Mindz was formed with the mission to expose children to the wonders of STEM at an early age. Does your child enjoy making things from LEGOs or recycled material? Is she curious about the way things work? Does she tinker with mechanical parts or spend hours building LEGOs? Perhaps your kids just want to know more about robotics, Minecraft mods or the world of video games? Our center makes technical subjects like computer code, electrical circuits, physics and stocks and bonds easy for children to understand through the use of LEGOs, robotics, and many other creative approaches.


Academic Enrichment

Before- and After-School 
We offer a monthly subscription for before- and after-care, which includes transportation to/from school, homework assistance and STEM activities. When schools are closed, students may register for Kids Day Out field trips, Parents Night Out activities and the Spring Break program.

Our qualified staff provide tutoring in mathematics, science, test preparation and writing techniques. Call to schedule tutoring sessions.



Summer Camp

Get immersed in Minecraft, Maker projects, LEGO robotics, video game design and all kinds of engineering adventures. Register early for summer sessions!


In-School Program
Many of the STEM programs we offer have been customized specifically for school classrooms as well. Both teacher training and student programs are available. 

Homeschool Enrichment
During the day, our center is open for homeschool classes, such as LEGO robotics, video game design and computer programming. In the near future, we plan to add a wide range of homeschool programs that integrate writing and STEM. Check back for updates about Book Club, Readers Theatre, Journalism and Junior Achievement!

Community Room
Our center is available for private events such as parent workshops, community forums and schoool clubs. Contact our offices about scheduling. 


Give us a call:

1-301-474-2306 or

email us at info@engineeringmindz.com

What is Maker Education?

Engineering Mindz is part of the Maker Education movement that taps into children's natural tendency to learn by tinkering with things like small electronics, robots and circuit boards. As an official "Makerspace," Engineering Mindz provides a creative outlet for children to explore science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). 

Our students have designed their own motorized rollercoasters as part of a introduction to physics. They have used gaming to design futuristic "green" cities, programmed robots and filmed stop-action movies using LEGOs. Makerspaces like Engineering Mindz make learning come alive!


Value-Added Approach


We seek to provide a safe, relaxed learning environment where creativity and exploration are encouraged and innovation is celebrated. We accomplish this primarily through model-building, which allows students to problem-solve and develop an appreciation for how things work. Ultimately, we strive to ensure that kids are learning while having fun and socializing in a non-competitive atmosphere. We have done our job as STEM educators if we have achieved these goals:

  • improve attitudes towards STEM fields and careers

  • increase STEM knowledge and skills of our youth

  • increase student interest and participation in STEM-related courses in schools











Just think what the future holds if kids loved STEM as much as soccer or Xbox! Maryland and other states across the country are pushing for a greater emphasis on STEM to ensure that the U.S. will continue to be the top innovator in high-tech fields. Many of the nation's governors have called on educators to lead the way in sparking renewed interest in STEM fields.